Promoting Your News Article

A news release is one of the most effective ways to promote anything that you are trying to get out there in front of people. Examples: A new company coming to town, a new product, an upcoming event, a new blog entry, etc. These news releases should be written with the utmost care and should include the following:

a. News: What news is new? When was the last time that you heard about this? News is everywhere, and it seems like it is always changing. Write as much information about the news as possible, and include any current or past news events that have taken place.

b. Interviews: Talk to as many people as possible about the news and let them give their opinion. People love to tell others about what they are interested in and what they did not care for. People also love to hear the opinions of others about things that they are interested in. This can lead to very good news regarding your business and the people that are involved with it. Use the interview as a way to develop trust between you and those people that you are targeting.

c. Blog Entries: Make sure that you include news articles on your blogs, but do not forget to put in some reviews as well. Reviews give people another way to look at your work and to get feedback about how your content is. Reviews are also a great way to promote yourself and to get people excited about reading all that you have to say. Make sure that you do not turn your reviews into advertisements.

d. Videos: Create short video clips of your presentations or talk about how you can help people. If people enjoy watching videos, then they are much more likely to pay attention to the news that you are putting out. In fact, you can often times find a news story online that will make great video. Just be careful about having a lot of text in your video and do not post anyplace where there is adult content. Also, do not ever post any footage that is blood thirsty or anything else that may put someone in any kind of situation that they do not want to be in.

e. Keep Your Blog Up To Date: People will lose interest if you post material that is current, but you do not want to appear outdated in front of people. It is a good idea to write up a blog post on your business’s inception and to keep adding information to it on a regular basis. You can also learn more about your industry and about the issues that people are dealing with by keeping an updated blog on the internet. This can be an excellent way to educate yourself about things that may otherwise have been overlooked by those that are reading your news.

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